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Pawandeep Rajan Biography Latest News

Pawandeep Rajan is an Indian artist and performer. He came from the prosecutors of Uttarakhand, isn’t just famous for his astounding singing capacity, rather, he is additionally known to play different instruments. Pawandeep Rajan of Uttarakhand had made individuals of Uttarakhand insane by singing Pahari melodies, and because of this enchantment voice, he has been […]

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Tim Bergling Google doodle honors Swedish DJ Tim Bergling 2021

Swedish DJ Tim Bergling, all the more normally known as Avicii, is recognized as Wednesday’s Google doodle – here’s the reason At 16 years old, Bergling started posting his remixes on electronic music discussions, which prompted his first record bargain. He rose to unmistakable quality in 2011 with his single “Levels”. His introduction studio collection, […]