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Reset Any Android Mobile Password Easily In Few Step | 1 मिनट में मोबाइल का लॉक तोड़ें

Reset Any Android Mobile Password Easily In Few Step : this article can help you a lot. Today we will show you how to unlock any Android phone, how to unlock your phone. With and without factory reset.

You have the option to reset to factory settings. But many times we want the data stored in it to be returned to you securely. Therefore, this article already describes the simplest method.

If the phone lock does not work this way, you can try other ways and find out how to break the phone lock.

How To Reset Any Android Mobile Lock ( Password, Pin And Pattern)

The easiest way to break the mobile Password. Plant plants to restore Android 5.1 are still safe in the phone, and you can restore by writing. Its choice. If your Android mobile phone does not unlock your Android device. It also broke a mobile key, and the mobile looks like mobile.

Next time, you will be able to save your mobile data [Photos, video app (YouTube)]. Just follow the steps below:

1. First, turn off your Android device and put the phone in recovery mode.
2. If you do not know how to enter the recovery mode?
3. For this, enter your phone name and model number along with recovery mode and search on Google and you will know.
4. Once you have entered the volume recovery mode with the volume key, go to wipe data / reset to factory settings.

password reset any android devise
password reset any android devise

5. Now go to the option listed below – Delete all user data and press the power button.

pattern reset kaise kare
pattern reset kaise kare

Now wait until your phone restarts. When your phone restarts, it locks. Then you need to configure the phone and you can use it.

FRP protection can then be installed on your phone. Click to delete it

This way, your phone should be 100% unlocked, but if there are any problems, the other methods are as follows. Also try these tips or tell us about your problem in the comments.

How to Unlock a Android Mobile Pattern with a Backup PIN

1. जब आपका Android Mobile Lock रहता है उसी समय आपको कोई भी Pin दर्ज करना है
2. आप कोई भी Wrong Pin डाल सकते है फिर 30 सेकंड का Timer आएगा
3. आपको यही प्रक्रिया दो बार और दोहरानी है
4. उसके बाद दायें कोने में आपको एक ‘Backup Pin’ का आप्शन आएगा.

reset pattern lock with backup pin
reset pattern lock with backup pinreset pattern lock with backup pin

You will need to enter a backup PIN code and your Android phone will be unlocked.

To unlock the phone using this method, you must have the backup PIN you entered when the pattern lock was entered.

Open your phone with your Google Account information

This means, after you enter the wrong password for the third time, it will appear on your phone screen; if you forget your password, your phone will be unlocked after you enter your Google Account. General Conversation Lounge

password reset kaise kare
password reset kaise kare

If you click Questions and Answers, the DOB (date of birth) entered in your Google Account identifies all the devices you have used before or asks for all the information you have entered.

If you know what is required, you can unlock your phone with this option; if you do not know, you will need to enter your Gmail ID and password. This will unlock your Android device.

How to break phone lock with Android device manager

This method is most often used when the phone is lost or stolen, but can also be used to unlock an Android phone. Most Android phone managers only work with the Find My Device feature. If you have used it before, you should know that there are three options: “Call”, “Search” and “Delete”. All you have to do is enter your Gmail ID on your mobile phone, follow the steps below.

1. You must be logged in to from another phone or computer and logged in with the same Gmail ID.
2. Now you need to select the disconnected Android device you want to activate.
3. After selecting the device, you must press the key for three options.

How to unlock phone lock with Android device manager
How to unlock phone lock with Android device manager

You will now see a new pop-up window where you can set a new password, enter an emergency message or even enter the emergency number you want to call.

How to Reset Android Mobile password with ADB

We can unlock our phone with ADB (Android Debug Bridge) without having to reset to factory settings. But you should know one thing, this method takes time and a little more complicated than other methods. This method requires a computer.

1. First download the ADB to your computer.
2. Then run / uninstall the installer and download the required package to your computer.
3. Connect your Android device now via USB
4. To connect, go to “Settings” and then tap Settings> About phone> Collection number 7 times.
5. Then go to Settings> Developer settings and enable USB debugging.
6. Now that your Android device is connected, run the ADB command line on your computer (where you saved all the packages).
7. Then enter this command.
8. shell adb rm /data/system/gesture.key and then press Enter
9. Finally, restart your Android device and use it.

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