Why the phone hangs and how to fix it? what to do when phone hangs how to stop my phone from hanging.

Phones can do such a great deal of that we use them for by far most of our step by step endeavors anyway a lot of like individuals, there’s a cutoff to what we can do before the breakdown. Right when a phone hangs, this is the one that has most likely been used past it’s cutoff. Your contraption’s hammer, additional room and what you use everything mean for the smooth getting ready of endeavors.

Moreover suggested as phone freezing or phone crash, the phone hanging issue is an ordinary one among the PDAs. The phone hanging can be achieved by various reasons going from programming to gear imperfections. In this post, we will discuss ‘Why your phone keeps hanging up’ and courses of action you can apply to fix it.


1.Low Ram

A portable with a low hammer limit is just prepared to run different applications at the same time. Using a couple of utilizations on a low pummel phone generally makes the phone hang so consistently, especially when you’ve been using it’s definitely not exactly some time.

2.Obsolete Software

Outdated programming interpretations can moreover make your versatile hang. Structure virtual items are regularly revived to fix plays with that may demolish your phone from working preferably.

There are various segments that can make your phone hang and with most of them being modifying related. The tips given under can be used to deal with your phone hanging issues whether it’s achieved by lacking memory or malware applications.


industrious use of your phone while it is heating up makes your phone hang and at times restart. A phone’s glow should commonly be between 35 – 38 celcius, anything higher is surprising and will incite remote hang issue.

4.Malware applications

Portable applications that are downloaded from dangerous locales or sources that are not reliable generally contain infection (malware) that is destructive to your telephone. These infections meddle with your telephone’s experience measures and ultimately makes your telephone hang up .

5.Low capacity

Phones have confined limit breaking point and there’s essentially such a ton of you can have on your device before it gets finished off. Data like Videos, Games and Photos consume a huge load of room on our phones and satisfactory additional room is required for your PDA to manage tasks constant. Spending over 80% of your contraption’s amassing will presumably achieve your cell hanging or freezing.

How to fix it?

1.Reset processing plant settings

On the off chance that all the above tips don’t work, it is exhorted that you reset your telephone’s product. Otherwise called Factory reset, this fix will give your telephone’s product a new beginning yet guarantee you supported up your information so you don’t lose any significant data.

Cell phones with more amazing specs are more averse to hang contrasted with spending gadgets with lesser specs. Whichever telephone you’re utilizing, the tips above should fix your telephone hanging issue.

2.Get outer memory

If your phone’s accumulating isn’t adequately colossal to contain the records you need, you will presumably should eradicate archives regularly to keep your phone away from hanging. To keep all your critical records and still have your contraption moving along true to form, get a SD card that can contain all of the reports you need.

3.Delete Irrelevant records

keeping insignificant records and applications consume additional room on your phone and your phone needs satisfactory ability to run as arranged. Delete significant accounts or games on your phone to let free space and grant your phone run reliably.

4.Download and introduce most recent programming

Your versatile’s product and different applications release revived structures regularly and these updates commonly contain bug fixes that may handle any irregularity you’re experiencing with your phone or explicit applications. It is proposed that you download and present structure invigorates for your phone to fix any phone hangingor freezing issues related with the past programming version.

5.Use Antivirus

Contaminations can be amazingly resolved and from time to time require Antivirus programming to discard them. Go to your phone’s App store, type ‘antivirus’ in the chase bar and download your supported antivirus application. Dispatch the application and yield your archives to discard any contamination that may make your phone hang.

6.Uninstall dubious applications

Applications that are not downloaded from your portable’s default application store regularly contain contaminations that impacts your device’s presentation. Uninstall these applications and control from downloading programming projects from hazardous sources to avoid malware that impact the introduction of your versatile.

7.Clear late information

A couple of utilizations on your phone stores pieces of data while you use them and as time goes on it discourages your phone’s crush which makes your phone hang. To Clear these new data; Go to SETTINGS >>> APPS >>> SELECT A FREQUENTLY USED APP (for instance Program) >>> STORAGE >>> CLEAR DATA. Apply this cycle to different applications that you use routinely to let free your phone’s memory and abatement hanging.

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